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Food For Thought

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Dear Friend,

I recently found myself wondering why we think so much about food:

what we ate, what we’re planning to eat, what we wish we could eat. It

makes sense to think about food when we’re hungry or when there isn’t

enough, but thoughts of food still tend to populate our thoughts even

when we’ve had plenty. I think we just must be hard-wired that way.

Someone recently said to me that our earliest memories often revolve

around food, but it’s often less about what we ate than where we were,

with whom, and w

ho prepared it for us. It doesn’t even seem to matter

if the food was good, it was the experience that we remember. I guess

that’s what they mean by comfort food. Something that, no matter what’s

going on during your day or in your life, the sight, smell or taste of a

particular food somehow just makes everything as all right as it can be.

We know that food feeds our physical bodies and is necessary for

survival, but maybe its necessity extends beyond that. We need to

remember times when we felt safe, loved, and cared for; so often food

was involved.

I recall that my mother wasn’t a particularly good cook, and yet my

memories of her still settle around sitting at the kitchen table and talking to her while I ate — I can’t even remember what it was — but food

brought us together when so many other things tore us apart. So, dear

friend, in these confusing and frightening times we are living in, allow

yourself to take some time to remember some of those moments and

allow yourself the comfort of enjoying food that triggers good feelings.

You deserve it every now and then. You work so hard, caring for everyone and everything around you.

Today, take some time to take care of yourself.

Always thinking of you,


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